Company Information

American Laundry Systems, a division of E & O Mechanical, Inc. is a Commercial Laundry/Mechanical Contracting corporation that caters exclusively to the entire "Commercial Laundry" industry. We have built or retrofitted over 80 plants in the last 14 years.  We provide plant design, layout, mechanical specifications, utility specifications, equipment recommendations and we do not represent or distribute for any vendors. We also provide consulting services and project management. 

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Our typical situation goes something like this:

1.Visit the building/land and review for ability to build/retrofit a laundry plant

2. Review all utility capacities. Gas, city water, sewer water, electricity, etc.

3. Review structural load of building (if existing). Some/most buildings may need a steel frame to support monorail, pipe bridges, etc.

4. Make a preliminary drawing/layout to check for ability of building/land area to accommodate a "Laundry  Facility" sized to the customers capacities (e.g. 500,000lbs/week, # shifts, etc.) and provide the customer with  "BUDGET" figures for all areas of the "Building Retrofit".

 5. Review & discuss any equipment preferences which the customer may have.

 6. Complete layout of building with customers input typically 4-6 revisions are needed before ALS and the customer are completely satisfied.

 7. Specify equipment & all utilities. Write RFP’s (if needed).

 8. Provide customer with "Hard Figures" & time line to build & install "Laundry Facility".

 9. Issue PO’s & order all materials & equipment.

10. Begin installation of infrastructure for converting building to a "Laundry Facility".

11. Organize rigging, electrical & construction projects.

12. Complete infrastructure installation.

13. Accept New & Used equipment.

14. Install New & Used equipment.

15. Startup & training of customer’s plant & employees.



American Laundry Systems ONLY charges for its Engineering services (i.e. layout, design. mechanical specifications, etc.) if we are awarded the complete plant installation as described above. If you prefer to hire your own architect, general contractor, builder, electrician, or rigger we still do not charge as long as we are awarded the complete plant installation.  If we provide all the services (as described above) and we are not awarded the plant installation project then we will charge for the design, specifications & engineering services that we have provided (plus expenses: hotels, flights, etc.)
American Laundry Systems is a member of most of the major laundry trade associations.  We are well respected in the laundry industry and we consider all of our customers, our friends.  Our reputation in this industry is excellent.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction to the best of our ability in the areas for which we are responsible.
Our customers have only ONE company to deal with on the building retrofit & equipment installation areas of the project.  If the customer prefers ALS to handle all aspects, then we have industry experienced friends to help us with anything the customer may require.

"Myself or one of the ALS sales or engineering team will visit your job site & project every 2 weeks regardless of the project manager assigned. I take a personal interest in each customers unique situation, concerns, etc. and build all my plants with the philosophy that this is how I would like some one to build MY plant if I were building one." - Gerard O'Neill